Chinatown: Cité d’or (Review)

Chinatown’s Cité d’or (Tacca Musique) is finally out and keeping with the trend all medias in Quebec have embarked on a love frenzy for a band that just couple of months ago, everybody was telling me that had no talent or was just a copy of a copy of a copy.

Friendly pop-rock has its advantage and Chinatown knows that, you can play in all the festivals get tons of coverage… be a bad boy that girls can bring home; and voila! you win. That’s where we need to drawn the line. Theirs nothing new! nothing inventive! no WOW! no spotlight! A sad looking attempted to write like Malajube, cheap 60’s French rock and a badly maneuvered British power chord all dress up in a mascaraed of smiles and genetics cross dressing.

As with the legend of (la) Cité d’or (city of gold) its only a myth.

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    Gabriel said,

    You has good english write skill! Keep up good work the. I like good sentence too!

  2. 3

    Gabriel said,

    Hey Leonardo,

    I assume you wrote this review. I was wondering given that the post wasn’t signed and because there is no “about'” section on this blog.

    I used to play guitar in Mia Verko but that was about five years ago. Mia Verko still exists and play once in a while. Good band, if not a tad on the complicated side. Since then I have played around in Statue Park, Camaromance as well as briefly in Hexes and Ohs. But few of those projects bring me the sheer joy and exaltation that comes from playing a show like last Friday’s to a room full of beautiful fans with Chinatown. It’s awesome.

    Word of advice. When you have a bilingual blog like this and your writing skills in english are questionable at best, you might want to use French to dis a French language band. As for your dislike of Chinatown (and apparently Mia Verko) I guess it’s just not your cup of tea. But don’t let that stop you from coming out to a show. You just might have fun!

    No bigs.

    Gabriel Rousseau

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      keep your hatred at home!

      • 5

        Gabriel said,

        Are you replying to me or yourself here? My last post was pretty hate-free Leo. It’s not like I told you that you had no talent.

        Listen, it’s not like you are the only one who doesn’t like what we do. There are other people. And the way I see it, it’s a question of taste. If you prepare a delicious meal of liver and onions, I’m not going to eat it but I won’t tell you you can’t cook.

        That’s what makes bad reviews such a pleasure to read. People find things they personally don’t like about something and it’s interesting to find out what those things are. Like some people don’t like Pierre-Alain’s voice or singing. It’s always interesting and informative to read a beautifully written bad review.

        Anyway, it’s nice to see that you take this so seriously. Your blog is otherwise actually pretty good. Your review of Labyrinthes is great. You could have used an editor but that’s the nature of blogs now isn’t it.

        So keep doing what you do and we’ll do the same, knowing that there are many people who appreciate our respective creations.

        I’ll see you around buddy.


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