INTO THE DARK WOODS : SHAKAKAN 003 … Folk Rock / Country / Rock / Roots from CND

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01. All The Money Is gone // The Deep Dark Woods [Saskatoon]
02. I am Violent // Lake of Stew [Montreal]
03. Gold Fever // The Wind Whistles
04. Bright Lights Big Cities// Folds Of Policy [Vancouver]
05. Sally Dear Sally //We Ghosts of Electricity [Vancouver]
06. Small Town // Holy Moly [Montreal]
07. Write It All Down For You // Elliott Brood [Toronto]
08. Black Rice // Little Pictures Arts Preserve [Saskatoon]
09. Pakowki / /The Lazy MKs [Regina]
10. Depatures // Ghost House [Vancouver]
11. Punx Not Dead…It’s Just Sleeping// Yesterdays Ring [Montreal]
12. Car Planet // Greenbelt [Vancouver]
13. Lickin’ The Bow // Bloodshot Bill [Montreal]
14. Grondeuse Opossum // Genticorum [Montreal]

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