I’ve had the chance to fall in love with this album a month prior to its release. Like many  fans the first listen paralyses you with a “what happen to Malajube?” no poppy smiling songs that makes you want to hug teddy bears or feelings of unicorn lovable theme rhythms with your own portable rainbow and moonshine liquor.

From the start, a dark sonic frenzy sink his teeth with Ursuline a ravaging song about Quebec’s catholic soul control… you can feel the cold wind hitting your skin and opening every inch of  your snow memory wonderland becoming  a beautiful winter song to drive into the summer.

Mapped carefully to bring you closer to sonic ecstasy, Labyrinthes (Dare To Care Records) twist and turn with a booming beauty covering your body with a lusty cover. Harmonized by 4 exploring music hungry vikings and taking us with them to breathtaking meadows pastured by layers of hypnotising resonance.; its an album to listen and re-listen to discover its perpetual secrets whispered in every note.
listen to Porté Disparu
Pitchfork: 6.4
Paste Magazine: 87%
Seattle Subsonic
Dare To Care Records

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