La Patère Rose, La Patère Rose [REVIEW]

First of all let’s put aside critics looking to compare La Patère Rose with Couer de Pirates… Yes there’s a young French piano tattoo girl with a doll voice and a sexual charisma making you bite your lips with every moaning but La Patère Rose s/t album (Grosse Boite/Dare To Care Records) is also a sound voyage with 2 of Mister Valaires ( QC’s DJ multi-instrumental dance funk makers.

Here we are confronted to an Alice of Wonderland sensual driven a complex mechanical album with a singer that remind us of Bridget Bardo but with the power vocals of Yeah Yeah surrounded by a sound landscape of fuzzy-funk-electro-soft-minimal-mellow-kind hearted-Soul  providing great background for a lazy afternoon.. The papier-mâché cover describes well this album.

Only problem with this albums is the singer: is her little girls fantasy booklet taste the same without Mister Valaires input? Or will it fade away as youth? Only time will tell…

Listen to Pace Maker

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