Jneiro Jarel (Dr. Who Dat?): Mix on BTS Radio

Capital Peoples – Endless Vines (Label Who)
J Dilla – Unknown Beat (CDR)
Hudson Mo – The Harvest (CDR)
Dr. Who Dat? – Pharcyde Interview/Miles Away (Lex/Label Who)
Shape of Broad Minds – There 4 Me (Lex/Label Who)
Jneiro Jarel- NASA (Instrumental) (Ropeadope/KS/Label Who)
Dr. Who Dat? – Viberian Twilight (Lex/Label Who)
Stacy Epps – Loose Change (CDR)
NSM feat Dr. Who Dat? – Mumbo Jumbo (IG Remix) (Jazzy Sport)
Shape of Broad Minds – So Much Chaos Outro (Lex/Label Who)
Shape of Broad Minds- Beast From Da East (Lex/Label Who)
DKD – Brighter Day Feat. Capital Peoples (Dr. Who Dat? Remix) (CDR)
Platnum – Crush On You (Dr. Who Dat? Remix) (Sonar Kollectiv)
Dr. Who Dat – Horny Toad / Flying Lotus Freestyle (WHODAT Radio)
Capital Peoples – Weigh (Label Who)
Dr. Who Dat- JB vs JJ 2 (WHODAT Radio)
Dr. Who Dat and Jneiro Jarel – Coco Loco (Label Who/CDR)
Dr. Who Dat Feat. Shape of Broad Minds – Uprising (Lex/Label Who)
Dr. Sci – The Experiment (Label Who)
Kiva Feat. Jneiro Jarel – Blended Rat (Adios Babylon)
Kiva – Degrees of Freedom (Adios Babylon)
Dr. Who Dat – Deep Blaque (Lex/Label Who)
Capital Peoples – Love Continues (Label Who)
Distant Starr – Venom (CDR)
Dr. Sci – Expose U (Label Who)